Mount Saint Joseph’s High School

MEC² was hired to design, install, and commission an HVAC system to service the St. Joseph’s Hall building at Mount Saint Joseph High School that lacked an air conditioning system. The scope of work included MEC² acting as the prime, providing on-site supervision during all phases of construction.

The in-house design services included load calculation, system design, equipment selection, material specification, and sequence of operation (with owner review and comment).

MEC² had to demolish and remove the existing split-system AC units which had been inoperable. Concrete equipment pads were installed to support nine new air-cooled heat pump systems and a variable refrigerant flow system surrounded by a 6′ aluminum architectural louvered wall screen that allowed airflow to the units and matched the building trim colors.

Existing ceiling grid and tile had to be reconfigured to accommodate ceiling cassette units. Enclosures were installed to conceal newly installed refrigerant pipe, ductwork, condensate piping, and electrical/control wiring. Eighty-six fan coil units were installed along with low-pressure ductwork to distribute outside/exhaust air.

New copper condensate drainage system from all new equipment to storm water receiver was installed along with thermal insulation to prevent condensation from forming within the facility.

This project was awarded ABC Baltimore’s Award of Excellence and was also runner-up for Subcontractor of the Year 2017.

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