Jennings Toyota – Mechanical

The Jennings Springfield Toyota project involved $1,140,000 in the mechanical construction of a 93,000 sq. ft. Automotive Dealership and Service Center located in Springfield, Virginia. Mechanical Engineering & Construction was the mechanical design-build contractor responsible for the heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and control systems.

This construction project included a new state-of-the art facility, transforming a vacant lot into a new and vibrant Office center, Sales Area, a 2-level Service Center and grade level parking. The project also included new lighted recreation fields.

This project is certified LEED® Gold by USGBC. The HVAC system utilizes a combination of highly-efficient DX packaged, gas-fired rooftop units, with humidity control for support spaces and the Showroom; gas-fired variable speed (VAV) rooftop units coupled with fan-powered and single-duct terminal units that provide independent and accurate zone control for the Office and Sales areas; an energy recovery variable-refrigerant-flow volume (VRF) fan coil system with independent area control for Office areas; and a dedicated outdoor air unit with energy recovery wheels for the Service center, due to a high volume of outdoor air. The Service department is also served with an energy-efficient vacuum tube, infrared heating system to maximize the effectiveness of the heat distribution and carbon monoxide detection systems with integrated exhaust fans for worker safety.

The VAV and VRF systems provide the Office and Sales areas with an extremely energy-efficient system operation while maximizing occupant comfort through quality zoning and temperature management. The cooling system capacities provide approximately 225 tons of cooling for occupant comfort. The overall system serving the building is monitored and controlled by a direct digital-computer-based control system which coordinates the function of mechanical components to assure economical and reliable operation.

The system is monitored within the building and remotely off-campus for equipment alarms or operating criteria outside of pre-set levels. This system aides in the energy management of the facility.

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