Thomson Prometric

The General Contractor, The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company, was contracted to fit-out the 12th floor of this base building for Thomson Prometric, a leading global provider of comprehensive testing and assessment services.

As the mechanical contractor on this project, we supplied the mechanical and plumbing services to support a 4,300 square foot data center and a 450 square foot UPS room, which also included the installation of more than 200 tons of chilled water Liebert equipment, chilled water piping from two (2) building risers to each piece of equipment, and condensate and humidifier piping.

For the majority of the project, the base building contractors were still completing the base building. Elevators were not available for rigging or stocking of materials and equipment. To avoid delays, we pre‑planned for a crane to be on site to load equipment and materials through a 12th floor window.

After the crane work was completed, base building work such as lobby finishes, painting, and tiling were under way. Ancillary material deliveries had to be coordinated with our client and scheduled around these tasks. As an example, while the main lobby floor was being tiled, all material deliveries had to be carried up the stairwells to the second floor to catch the elevator up to the 12th floor.

At the beginning of our construction process, adequate power was not available. The solution was to use gas-fired welders.

Due to our aggressive scheduling, we were not able to tie into the main system until the other contractors completed their portions.

This created another challenge for our project management team. The base building had to be balanced, before we could continue with balancing our systems.

Even with these obstacles, our pre-planning, communications skills, and teamwork enabled us to complete the project on time and well within budget.

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